You asked, and we listened. Based on your feedback, we're excited to bring you these new features.

CEOs and Investors join to create an
Interactive Stock Market

Interact in a fictional stock market combining entrepreneurs (sharing business ideas/solutions and managing the company) with investors (seeking to learn from and invest in the best solutions).

News Articles

Analyze news articles and evaluate CEO responses and market impact.

Customize To Target Learning

Instructors can add resources and customize the environment to target specific content. Students must intelligently apply content within an authentic environment in order to demonstrate quality as judged by others.

Social Learning

Social Learning: Learn with feedback from participants and instructors.

NEW! Grade Book

Enhanced Feedback & Grade Book: Instructors can share feedback, assign point values, and grade each assignment within the simulation.

NEW! Add Your Own News Articles

Instructors can add their own news articles (real or fictional) to the simulation to target the scenarios and content they desire... and see how students respond.

NEW! Instructor Tools

Enhanced options for instructors to affect student share prices (if desired).

NEW! Higher Education Features

Special features are available for our Higher Education version.